How to work 5 hours less each week... while getting the same amount done

Hint, the secret is yoga.

I realise that's a pretty bold claim. But I know it's true and there are studies to prove that yoga does indeed add time to your day rather than wasting it.

A study at a tech company in Manchester, UK showed that employees were 12% more productive since starting their yoga workshops. 

That means if you're at your desk 8 hours per day and getting 12% more done, you'd do the same amount of work in just over 7 hours than you would in 8.

Essentially, you're cutting 5 hours off your work week. That's impressive. Just think what you could do with those 5 extra hours.

One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga for female entrepreneurs (alongside having to be thin and resemble a Victoria Secret model) is that you need to have loads of time for it. The amount of times people tell me they have no time for yoga because they're run off their feet. 

And while I do get that (been there, done that, got all the T-shirts), I wish...

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The biggest mistake I see 90% of online entrepreneurs making*

If you go into any business Facebook group, you'll see fellow entrepreneurs discussing the best way to be more productive, to 'insert number'X your business or to bust through 6 figures. 

But the discussion that's noticeable absent from all those groups is personal health linked with business sustainability.

Amid all these mastermind programmes you're supposed to join, networking events you're meant to attend and books you're meant to read, where's the bit about looking after yourself? 

I mean, there's nothing wrong with self-development for business. I've done a mastermind myself and loved it.

But when you work for yourself, you ARE your business. You're the bricks and mortar that hold the thing together. How are you supposed to keep the show going if you end up with chronic pain or health problems from being sat at your desk all day and not doing exercise?

Enough of the lecture, what can you do about it?

The misconception is there are only two...

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#OfficeYoga in under 3 mins – What yoga to practice when you've got less than 3 minutes


What yoga should I do if I've only got 3 minutes?

You don't always have time to get on your yoga mat for 40 minutes. If you're working to a deadline – either for a client or because you know you're on the clock until your child is back from school when all hell will break loose – it can feel indulgent to leave your home office.

But you still feel like you need a little pick-me-up to ease your sore shoulders or just to waken you up... without reaching for another cup of coffee. 

In this extract from Lesson 2 of Yoga School, you'll find an exercise you can do in less than 3 minutes. 


Urdhva baddhanguliyasana



Strengthens the spine

Relieves pain in shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers

 Tones the tummy 

 Helps combat depression

 Alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome 


How to:

Stand with your feet together or slightly apart, toes facing forwards.

Interlock your fingers. Extend the...

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